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Deep Black Kajal

Kajal with a soft, melting texture


    Kajal with a soft, ultra-melting texture, ideal for emphasizing the eyes with instant coverage and a long-lasting look. The concentration of pigments creates an ultra-black line which gives depth to the eyes. 


    The formula can be blended immediately after application for an intense and seductive smokey eyes look. Once fixed, the line stays intact, without smudging or fading.


    The cone-shaped tip is firm yet it glides onto the skin, making it easy to apply and releasing high-definition colour. 

    With a simple gesture, Deep Black Kajal defines and outlines the eyes. Eye make-up is enhanced with an even line. 


     Ophthalmologically tested.


    Extremely versatile, Deep Black Kajal allows you to create a sophisticated and defined look or an intense, smokey eyes effect.


    The colour is pure and even. The creamy, high-coverage line is long-lasting and gives depth to the look, enhancing the colour and shape of the eyes.  The eyes are outlined and seductive, the eye make-up is natural and sophisticated.


    To give depth to the eyes: gently pull down the lower eyelid and apply along the inner eyelash line so as to emphasize the lower lashes. Be careful when applying the product to avoid contact with the eye.


    To give the eye contour an elongated effect: apply as close as possible to the root of the upper lashes, drawing a line that extends a little past the outer corner of the eye. Be careful when applying the product to avoid contact with the eye.


    The smokey eyes look can be achieved by blending the lines using KIKO Brush Eyes 203 or Brush Eyes 207. 



    Deep Black Kajal does not need to be sharpened.


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  1. 24/05/2019



    Easy to use but not very precise
  2. 23/05/2019



    Si può usare in modo diversi e il risultato è sempre ottimo
  3. 10/05/2019



  4. 20/04/2019



    Mai senza. Da solo leggermente sfumato o come base per lo smokey eyes, non può mai mancare
  5. 28/02/2019


    Deep Black Kajal

    Si applica benissimo
  6. 03/01/2019


    Da consigliare

    Buona pigmentazione, punta morbida, applicazione abbastanza semplice
  7. 03/01/2019


    Love it

    La adoro. Non posso piú farne a meno. L unica matita che dura tutto il giorno nella rima interna Dell occhio
  8. 20/10/2018



    Очень понравился. Рисует хорошо, как на чистом веке так и по верх теней. Тушуется хорошо.
  9. 08/10/2018


    Mi favorito!!

    Comodísimo y duradero, mi favorito.
  10. 28/08/2018



    Ottimo, dura parecchie ore! Lo ricomprerò sicuramente!
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