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Maxi Eyeshadow Applicators

Maxi soft sponge applicators

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    Applying eyeshadow is even more comfortable and practical with the maxi soft sponge applicators.


    Made of quality, high-performance material, the sponge is compact and allows instant, gliding application. Thanks to their unique consistency, the maxi applicators pick up eyeshadow efficiently and release it evenly onto the eyelids without wasting product. The double tip makes them perfect for both outlining the eye contour and blending eyeshadow. Lastly, the handle is the ideal easy-grip length for instant and practical application.


    Contained in a handy pouch, the maxi applicators are essential professional tools for perfect make-up results.


    Each pack contains 3 applicators.


    KIKO eyeshadows can be applied instantly and comfortably without leaving traces of wasted product. Eye make-up has the right tools for a perfect look.


    The double tip makes the applicator useful and extremely practical. The rounded tip can be chosen to apply make-up to the upper eyelid and blend the eyeshadow, while the elongated tip can outline the eye contour with greater accuracy. Alternatively, the applicators can be varied by using one end to apply light colours and the other for dark colours.


    One single product makes it possible to apply both wet and dry eyeshadows quickly and easily.


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  1. 23/08/2018



    Continuo a ricomprarli perchè mi trovo davvero bene! Forma perfetta per stendere gli ombretto anche nei punti più critici e scomodi. Si lavano facilmente e sono perfetti anche per chi viaggia. Soddisfatta!
  2. 15/08/2018



    Les seuls pinceaux que j'itilises. Idéal pour appliquer le fard a paupiere
  3. 12/08/2018



    Ottimo prodotto, morbidi e delicati sulla pelle.
  4. 04/08/2018



    Great make up applicators,
  5. 23/03/2018



    I migliori pennelli in consiglio
  6. 19/09/2017



    J'aime beaucoup
  7. 04/04/2017



    Durano anni, stendono bene l'ombretto e sono facili da pulire, morbidi sempre (non si appiattiscono se si usa un solo lato per parte) rimangono nella forma loro. Li amo, vanno benissimo anche per sfumare la matita
  8. 13/12/2015



    Comodi, pratici e resistenti.
  9. 22/01/2015



    Je trouve ces pinceaux mousses bien au début mais après un certain nombre d'utilisation les embouts se détachent... Un peu déçue mais ils m'ont durés longtemps quand même et m'ont étés très pratiques quand j'ai débuté =)
  10. 03/07/2014


    Dégoutée, déçue !!!

    Tout simplement déçue ! A l'utilisation il est très bien mais là je viens de le nettoyer et la malheur ! L'embout en mousse s'est arraché ! Pourtant je n'ai pas tiré dessus mais je suis très déçue ! Ils ne sont pas bien attachés à l'embout dur. Heureusement que j'aime beaucoup d'autres choses de Kiko !
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