GREEN ME Konjac Sponge

Natural Konjac cleansing sponge


    Cleansing and exfoliating konjac sponge, 100% natural and pre-moistened in distilled water.

    This sponge, extremely soft and gentle on the skin, is produced from the roots of the Konjac - a plant that originates from Asia - and is perfect for eliminating impurities and excess sebum without irritating or drying out the skin.

    Suitable for normal or sensitive skin, it is ideal for daily facial cleansing: it helps to boost circulation, gently exfoliates and is extremely soft. 

    A useful string allows you to hang up the sponge after use to let it dry.

    Green Me

    From the first use, skin appears moisturised and extremely soft, naturally smooth and cleansed.


    For the sponge to reach the maximum level of expansion and softness, it is recommended to immerse it in warm water before use. Once used, the sponge tends to naturally dry out and harden, but simply re-immerse it in warm water to soften it again. 

  • PACK

    The packaging of the Green Me collection is in line with the composition and essence of the products: eco-friendly and with a low environmental impact.

    Eco-friendly paper with organic residue of kiwi, coffee and citrus fruits, a coarse finish, wooden details, earthy colours, and recyclable plastic give a natural, textured effect. 


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  1. 11/04/2018



    Très bon produit. Je le recommande
  2. 29/03/2018



    La texture est très agréable. Nettoie et gomme la peau tout en douceur.
  3. 25/03/2018


    Spugnetta viso

    Molto buona,pulisce bene la pelle mista, la consiglio
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