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To celebrate Valentine's Day, KIKO MILANO is offering the limited edition Lip Me Lots collection, an ode to love at its most daring.
Shapes and textures borrow hearts and lips, intense colours take centre stage, red adorns impassioned products for an on-trend makeup look: it’s time for a new kind of romanticism.

Radiant complexion, defined gaze, kissable lips: originality is the key word.
But what would Valentine's Day be without the feeling of being cocooned in love? Let yourself be guided by the scent of vanilla and follow the little hearts you can stamp everywhere, to discover brand new makeup products and accessories. A world of love made by KIKO.



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Presenting The Holiday Collection with a glacial touch. Scandinavian style is setting a trend and Arctic landscapes have us daydreaming. The surreal horizons, Northern Light reflections, super-reflective ice crystals and plays of light and shadow are all elements of great inspiration.

Beauty comes from contrast and the explosion of colour, from reflections, countless facets and different perspectives.

The Arctic Holiday collection offers accessories, makeup and skin care products with spectacular iridescent and silvery colours that shine like shimmering ice crystals, with contrasting textures from metallic and holographic finishes, to matte and glitter finishes with thousands of reflections that reproduce the light..

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Into the Dark

Into the Dark

Into the Dark, the seventh limited edition capsule collection to celebrate 20 years of KIKO MILANO, in collaboration with VOGUE ITALIA, features the label Au Jour Le Jour and its two founders, Mirko Fontana and Diego Marquez, as the protagonists who have interpreted this makeup trend by translating it into a truly original aesthetic code.

Au Jour Le Jour is transversal and refined, a sophisticated and ultra modern brand that stands out for its use of wallpaper motifs, animal prints and exclusive materials. For this collection, the stylists have chosen an elegant and sensual, feminine and provocative style with a certain touch of irony, as it is in their DNA...


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ultratech+ mascara

The iconic Ultra Tech+ mascara by KIKO MILANO returns in a new design to transform the eyes of every beauty addict. Available in two brand new versions, it gives peerless definition or a sublime curl.

Smart Brushes

Easy to use. High quality. Compact size. Perfect for touch-ups on the go. New Smart Brushes from KIKO MILANO are here: 10 essential brushes for a complete makeup look.

Jelly Stylo

Jelly Stylo is the new collection of glossy lipsticks from KIKO MILANO. A lot of trendy shades in an innovative gel texture that adorns the lips with an extra-shiny wet look finish.

Mask Parade

new smart palette


Cushion Blush

A healthy glow, instantly revitalised complexion...

Matte Effect Finishing Powder

Compact finishing powder..

Bright Quartet Palette

Sophisticated, complete eye make-up.

Colour Kajal

Make your eyes centre stage..

Mini Lipstick

For lips that are always perfect.

Smart Blush and Bronzer Palette

Sculpted face, flawless complexion.