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Konscious Collection


It's clean. It's formulated with as few ingredients as possible, guaranteeing extraordinary performance. It’s much more than a collection, it’s Konscious: KIKO MILANO’s new beauty frontier.

Because all you need is the essential to achieve the best results and feel beautiful

🌱 The product formulas do not contain ingredients of animal origin

🌱 Light, sensorial and extremely high-performing textures

🌱 A complete line of makeup, skincare and accessories

🌱 A palette of natural, vibrant, and trendy shades with intense and buildable colour release

🌱 Sustainable, eco-friendly*, minimalist packaging designed to reduce environmental impact

*Where possible, we’re committed to using a percentage of recycled plastic from industrial waste inside our packaging (30% of cases, 25% of lipsticks, 25% of balms).
Balms and lipsticks can be broken down into the base and cap to facilitate disposal. 
Brushes have synthetic fibres and the handle of our eye brush is made of plant-derived plastic.
The paper packaging of every box is biodegradable.

Buy 3 Konscious products and get the Tote Bag for free!
Buy 3 Konscious products and get the Tote Bag for free!

Online only until 07/06/2020

Get the Konscious Look

Get the Konscious Look

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