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You can never go wrong with pink: not simply because pink make-up is always en-vogue, but because it enhances practically all face types, as long as you choose the right shades. 

Pink make-up is in fact a lot more versatile than many people think: from romantic interpretations to the most audacious hues, it is re-invented season after season without ever tiring. Pink is synonymous with a good mood and provides each and every look with that always welcome additional touch of freshness - it is an essential point of reference in terms of femininity.

Soft-blended pink eye make-up


Pastel pink, raspberry, peach, wisteria... the shades are practically infinite, as are the possible statement pink make-up looks to be created. So, how do I choose the perfect shade and expertly apply pink eye make-up? 

Generally speaking, shades such as fuchsia and bright pink work better on fairer skin tones, regardless of hair colour, be it blonde or jet-black. Softer shades, or better still those with a matte finish, are instead more versatile.

Want to combine two eyeshadows? Choose two similar shades and start by applying the lightest tone, blending outwards with the help of an eye brush. As you blend, brush back and forth in a half-moon shape to harmonize the two colours.

For a decidedly chic look, especially when paired with a brown shadow, try incorporating a delicate antique rose.
To intensify the make-up, apply black eyeliner or kajal and complete the look with mascara.

How to coordinate pink blush and eyeshadow


Pink is the colour of blush by definition: thanks to this highly versatile product, you’ll be able to accent your cheeks and awaken your complexion. Want to match your blush with your eyeshadow

You can, for example, focus on shades that lean towards peach, to be applied to cheekbones and as a base for a darker pink eyeshadow: in doing so, you’ll create harmonious make-up as well as a look that is both sophisticated and natural at the same time. Alternatively, you can match your blush with your lipstick.

Not sure which lipstick to choose? Our top picks for pink make-up


If you’re a true pink devotee, why not indulge your passion with lipsticks? Go neutral for a more toned-down look, by opting for soft and nude shades such as antique rose. If you're looking for something a little more audacious, take care to choose the right shade so as to enhance your natural tones. 

If you have brown hair, for instance, we recommend opting for a raspberry or Indian pink lipstick, with warm undertones, perfect for those who also have hazel eyes. If you have blonde hair, we suggest trying cyclamen pink or another bold shade, especially if you're a cool-toned blonde with fair skin. 

Regardless of your hair colour and complexion, if you're still undecided and not satisfied with lighter shade options,  why not opt for a must-have mauve?

Trending: pink and gold make-up


Rose gold is one of the most versatile shades, suitable for both day and evening make-up looks. A popular shade for eyeshadows, lipsticks and highlighters, and sublimely seductive when paired with eyeliner and lipstick with a warm undertone such as brown.

Pink and gold make-up is very much en-vogue: a protagonist on the runway and the perfect gaze-enhancing ally for practically everyone regardless of eye colour, whether you have fair or sun-kissed skin. 
You could even opt for shimmery shades to accent the eyelids or brighten the cheekbones. Or, why not choose to create a contrast by opting for a darker lipstick?

If you truly want to match your make-up like a pro, why not go all out and coordinate your nail polish by choosing, for instance, a colour-shifting option with pink, gold and bronze tones? Limitless colour and shine for your hands that will last up to seven days with nail polishes that are exceptionally easy to apply!