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Frequently Asked Questions

Beauty advice and Make up sessions

  • I would like to receive advance information about all of KIKO's new products and offers. How do I do that?

    Subscribe to the KIKO Newsletter in order to receive information about promotions and new products. To subscribe, all you need to do is consent to receiving promotions and the Newsletter when registering on MyAccount. To find out how to register, click on How do I create an account on MyAccount?

  • Can I receive personalized make up advice?

    We currently do not offer this service, but we recommend you to read the valuable application tips that we have prepared for each product: you'll find them in each product description, in the "SUGGESTIONS" tab. In conjunction with product launches or private events, we also put specific make up ideas up on our site and on our Facebook page, as well as all of the suggestions for applying them.

    Don't forget: every product on display at our stores can be tried and tested. Our sales staff are trained to assist you and can apply the product as part of simple make up applications that allow visitors to our store to see how the product appears on them. Some of the staff working at our stores have studied professional make up application and are therefore able to provide a more complete make up application, which always aims to assist you in choosing from the colours on sale.

  • Can I make an appointment for a make up session at your stores?

    Yes. To guide you in selecting the products that are more appropriate for you, KIKO stores organize short make up sessions by appointment. For more information contact the sales staff directly at the store or by telephone. You can find the addresses and telephone numbers of our stores in the "Store Locator" section

  • Does KIKO give make up courses?

    We're sorry, but KIKO does not offer this type of service.