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How can I preserve my cosmetics?

Cosmetic products are developed and made to last the time necessary for their effective and safe use. Their duration, before and after opening, is in fact verified by means of specific tests.

In order to ensure the proper preservation of your cosmetic products, we recommend following these simple indications:

  • Always read the label: pay attention to the precautions for use and product preservation. 
  • Write the date of opening on the product container and respect the expiry date or the maximum period of use after opening.
  • Do not leave cosmetics in direct sunlight, close to sources of heat or in excessively hot environments (e.g. the car in the summer): they are best kept in cool places, but not in the freezer.
  • Do not store cosmetics in dirty or dusty environments.
  • Use sun protection products for one season only.
  • Do not dilute or mix cosmetics with other products, unless expressly stated in the instructions.

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