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How do I purchase a KIKO gift card online?

Purchasing a physical or virtual KIKO Gift Card online is both quick and easy.

To purchase a physical Gift Card: go to the “Gift Card” section, enter the desired amount and specify if you are purchasing the item as a gift (if so, you will also need to enter the sender and recipient's names). Then click on “Add to cart”. Repeat the procedure to purchase additional Gift Cards.
Once in your cart, you will be able to specify the shipping address, which may be your own or another person's should you wish to send the Gift Card as a gift.

To purchase a virtual Gift Card: go to the “Virtual Gift Card” section, choose your gift card and complete the required fields (in all cases: the amount and recipient's e-mail address; the sender and recipient's name and message if you wish to send the Gift Card to another person). Then click on “Add to cart” to continue with your purchase. Repeat the procedure to add additional Gift Cards.
<span class="wysiwyg-underline">Virtual Gift Cards will be sent to the e-mail addresses of the indicated recipients.

Please note: orders containing Gift Cards (both physical and virtual) cannot be paid for using the cash on delivery (C.O.D) or PayPal systems.

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