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Make Up

KIKO's Make up line is the result of our wish to create an independent range with an innovative concept.

KIKO is:

Colour: The impact of the colours is immediate and this is where KIKO's beauty lies. Hundreds of colours and textures, for infinite combinations and tones.

Innovation: KIKO constantly updates its lines through exclusive new products and the latest innovations in cosmetics.

Safety: the KIKO make up line undergoes careful, in-depth clinical testing to produce hypoallergenic products formulated to minimize allergy risks; they are non-comedogenic (face make up) and ophthalmologically tested (eye make up).

Range: along with an ongoing line of professional make up products, KIKO offers seasonal collections that are highly innovative and technologically advanced, but always in step with the latest beauty trends.

Trends: fashion, design and art, of which Milan is the capital, are a rich source of inspiration. The history, studying and research behind the development of the products characterize and distinguish them. The trends, transformed into new concepts of colour and products, are always able to be reinterpreted and worn again.

Textures: pleasing and soft. KIKO make up is extremely blendable, making it quick and easy to apply, while allowing you full control over the result. Even and flawless, all the textures offer the maximum levels of hold and adherence.

Fragrance: delicate and perceptible only to the point of being pleasant.

Quality/Price: our quality is of the highest level, despite the very enticing prices.