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KIKO has make-up brushes to suit every need. Explore our range of brushes for foundation, eyes and lips, as well as our all-in-one brush sets.

67 Results

Concealer and eyeshadow brush

smart concealer brush 100

6 reviews

Eye contour brush for defined smokey blending

smart smoky brush 200

14 reviews

Tapered eye contour brush for blending

smart blending brush 201

12 reviews

Flat eye contour brush for shading

smart shading brush 202

13 reviews

Tapered eye contour brush for eyeliner

smart eyeliner brush 203

23 reviews

Soft face cleansing brush

cleansing brush

36 reviews

Brush cleansing pad

brush cleansing pad

5 reviews
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Browse KIKO’s range of makeup accessories for face, eyes and hands. Professional products at the best prices! Shop online now!