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• Prepare your face applying Mood Boost Brightening Serum
• Even out the complexion by applying the suitable colour for your skin of Mood Boost Luminous Foundation
• Erase the imperfections applying to eye contour and blending carefully the suitable colour for your skin of you KIKO concealer
• Apply Mood Boost Pearls of Light Highlighter on your face with a powder face brush
• Apply lighter colour of Mood Boost Good Vibes Only Face Palette to upper side of cheekbones, nose, chin, forehead
• Emphasize the cheekbones blending to lower side the pink colour of Good Vibes Only Face Palette
• Sculpt face volumes with Mood Boost Perfecting Powder



• Apply on the lid eye base primer 
• Apply and blend onto eyelid and lower eyelashes line the pink colour of Mood Boost Mad For Colour Eyeshadow palette 01. Then apply in the inner corner of the eye the lighter colour 
• Fill in and define the eyebrows shape with Mood Boost Duo Eyebrow
• Complete the look applying Mood Boost 3-in-1 Mascara



• Apply Mood Boost You Make Me Matte Lipstick 03