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• Prep your face for make-up with the Magica Holiday Golden Face Mask for radiant and flawless skin
• Give your skin an extra boost of hydration (because it is winter!) With Magica Holiday Nourishing Face Cream  
• Even out the complexion by applying Instamoisture Foundation, selecting the right colour match for your skin
• Erase the imperfections with Skin Tone Concealer. Select the right colour match for your skin and dab & blend for a flawless finish
• Fix, blur and mattify your base with Magical Holiday Matte Powder 
• Flush the cheeks with Magical Holiday Radiant Blush 02 blending it evenly 
• Highlight the cheekbones with Magica Holiday Highlightings Drop 01 layering it to achieve the intensity of glow you want



• Prep the eye lids with Eye Base Primer 
• Start with the lightest colour of the Magical Holiday Smoky Eyeshadow Quad 01 and apply it all over the lid
• Then blend the mauve colour into the crease stretching it towards the eyebrows by using 51 Shader Brush 
• Apply the gold colour of the Magical Holiday Smoky Eyeshadow Quad 01 in the inner corner of the eye 
• Draw a sinuous winged eyeliner with the black colour of Magical Holiday Duo Eyeliner 04
• Give intense volume and definition to your lashes with Magical Holiday Volume Mascara



• Prep lips by exfoliating with Lip Scrub and then noushing with Lip Balm 
• Apply Magical Holiday Creamy Lipstick 05 on the lip to complete the lip look