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Prep the skin on your face for make-up application with our Konscious Vegan Face Mask, a single-use brightening and perfecting sheet mask. Leave on for 15 minutes before removing and applying our Konscious Vegan Face Primer And Serum, ideal for creating a flawless make-up base and providing the face with a sensation of instant freshness.

Even out your complexion with Konscious Vegan BB Mousse, choosing the shade that best suits your face. Apply it using the blending sponge end of the Vegan Duo Face Brush and Blender from the same collection.

Camouflage imperfections and discolouration with our Skin Tone Concealer, opting for the shade that works best with your skin tone.

Set your foundation and mattify your make-up with Konscious Vegan Matte Powder, a matte-finish pressed setting powder. Pick up the powder with the Konscious Vegan Duo Face Brush And Blender from the same collection (using the round end with synthetic bristles) and apply gently to the face, working from the centre outwards.

Enhance features, create highlights and brighten the complexion by applying Konscious Vegan Highlighter 01 to the upper part of the cheekbones and Vegan Matte Blush 02 to the lower part.  Use our Konscious Vegan Duo Face Brush And Blender for an even result. 



Apply Neutral Eye Base Primer to the eyelids, to even tone and set eye make-up.

• Using the collection-specific Konscious Vegan Duo Eye Brush, blend the pink eyeshadow from Konscious Vegan Eyeshadow Palette 02 over the mobile lid. Next, apply the lavender-hued eyeshadow from the same palette to the crease.

• Apply Konscious Vegan Eyeliner And Kajal 04 to the waterline.

Define the shape and thickness of your brows with Konscious Vegan Brow Pencil. Choose the shade that best suits you.

Complete your eye look and enhance your eyes with Konscious Vegan Volume Mascara: the special double-sphere fiber wand makes it easy to reach even the shortest of lashes, for an even, clump-free result.



Pamper and soften lips with our Konscious Vegan Lip Balm. Last but not least, enhance them with a veil of colour by applying a coat of Konscious Vegan Lipstick 01.