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• Prepare your face for make-up by applying the Smart Urban Shield Face Cream SPF 50+ followed by the Hydrating & Perfecting Face Base.
• Choose the shade of Instamoisture Foundation that best suits your skin tone to even out the complexion.
• Camouflage imperfections by dabbing on and thoroughly blending out the shade of Skin Tone Concealer that best suits your skin tone.
• Sculpt the face by applying and blending the Radiant Touch Bronzing Powder.
• Apply and blend the Ultimate Glow Blush 02 with the Powder Brush 09 to enhance the lower part of your cheekbones, then use the Ultimate Glow Highlighter 01 on the upper part, as well as on your nose, forehead and chin.



• First of all, apply the Eye Base Primer to your eyelids.
• Then apply and blend the High Pigment Eyeshadow 23 on the upper eyelid. Then apply the Ultimate Glow Highlighter 01 to the inner corner of the eye.
• Define the shape of your eyebrows with the Eyebrow Fibres Coloured Mascara for perfectly groomed brows.
• Apply the Maxi Mod Volume & Definition Mascara to enhance your lashes.




• Apply the Gossamer Emotion Lipstick 102 to your lips.