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Do KIKO MILANO products contain heavy metals?

KIKO MILANO uses the latest discoveries in cosmetic research to offer all of its customers safe and high-quality products.

All the products are subject to stringent clinical tests to ensure the reliability and safety of each and every formula. KIKO MILANO dedicates attention, care and commitment to offering the very best in cosmetic innovation and maximum safety. KIKO MILANO products conform to all the requisites of European cosmetics legislation, and in accordance with EC regulation no. 1223/2009 and FDA standards, they do not contain heavy metals.

The use of heavy metals is not permitted in any cosmetic product. Moreover, their presence can only be detected by specific analytical techniques, validated methods and suitable laboratory equipment.

It is important that all women are aware that these materials cannot be detected at home, for example by rubbing gold on lipsticks. For all types of scientifically valid analyses, a sample must be sent to an external accredited laboratory, capable of carrying out these tests.

KIKO products are tested, effective and safe.


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