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Long-lasting make-up for lips

Forget touch-ups and treat yourself to irresistible long-lasting flawless lips with our range of lipsticks and glosses, designed to accompany you throughout the day, from your first morning smile to your goodnight kiss.  

 -Clinically-tested high-performance long-lasting formulas proven to provide up to 12 hours of wear*
 -Different textures for all occasions: from matte to ultra-glossy, creamy and tattoo effect
 -No need to re-apply your make-up, say goodbye to lipstick touch-ups
 -An infinity of colours and nuances to choose from
*Clinical-instrumental test

  • 587 reviews
    24 Tone
    101 Soft Rose
    Long-lasting (12 hours*) liquid lipstick with a bright finish in a two-step application
    101 Soft Rose
    EUR 8.99

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  • 267 reviews
    21 Tone
    01 Rosy Nude
    Long-lasting (10 hours*) creamy lipstick with demi-matte finish
    01 Rosy Nude
    EUR 8.99

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  • 385 reviews
    11 Tone
    101 Beige
    No transfer lip marker with a natural tattoo effect and extremely long-lasting wear (10 hours*)
    101 Beige
    EUR 3.45 EUR 6.95 - 50 %

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  • 99 reviews

    Smoothing lip base that keeps lipsticks from feathering and improves their hold

    EUR 7.99

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  • 41 reviews

    Colourless lip pencil

    EUR 5.99

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  • 8 reviews

    Travel-size two-phase makeup remover for eyes and lips

    EUR 4.99

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  • Flat lip brush with synthetic fibers

    EUR 10.99

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  • 10 reviews

    Retractable lip brush with synthetic fibers

    EUR 10.99

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