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Apply Perfect Base Corrector to the face and neck. Use the foundation best suited for your skin type to give your complexion an even look. Conceal dark circles by applying Dark Circle Tone Eraser with the Face 108 eye brush. Next, hide expression lines around the eyes by dabbing on and blending Dark Circle Concealer with the Face 108 eye brush. Sculpt the facial contours with Bronzer Powder. Draw a "3" with the Face 102 brush. Apply and blend Velvet Touch Blush n.06 – Geranium.

Eyes - step 1

Blend Pearly Eye Base Primer onto the eyelids with the Eyes 203 brush. Next, apply Cream Crush Eyeshadow n.15 - Pearly Turquoise- over the eyelid, above the crease and along the lower lash line using the Eyes 210 brush. With Cream Crush Eyeshadow n.16 - Pearly Emerald, draw a line extending toward the outside of the eye and a sharp line along the lower lash line using the Eyes 210 brush. Then blend with the Eyes 203 brush along the edges of the make-up.

Eyes - step 2

Along the outside brow bone, apply and blend the Cream Crush Eyeshadow n.02 - Pearly Warm Rose - using the Eyes 203 brush. Apply on top and blend Infinity Eyeshadow n.208 – Mat Red - with the Eyes 202. Highlight the brow bone with Cream Crush Eyeshadow n.11- Pearly Light Rose - using the Eyes 203 brush. Dramatize the eyes with Automatic Precision Eyeliner and Khôl n.716 – Black, applied along the inner eyelid rims. Brush on the lashes a touch of Ultra Tech Mascara.


Apply Lip Base Primer on the lips. Outline the lips with Precision Lip Pencil 306 - Geranium Red - and blend. Apply Velvet Mat Satin Lipstick n.605 – Orange Red - with the Lips 300 brush.


Apply Smooth Base onto the nails and let it dry. Cover the nails with Nail Laquer n. 236 – Orange Red- and let them dry. Apply a top coat of Gel Look.