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Apply Perfect Base Corrector to the face and neck. Next, smooth over the face the Sunproof Cream Foundation SPF 15 most suited to your skin tone to create an even-looking complexion. With the Face n. 108 brush, apply Dark Circle Eraser to camouflage dark circles and blend in Dark Circle Concealer around the eyes to brighten tired-looking eyes. Sculpt the facial contours with Essential Bronzer using the Modern Tribe Face Brush. Apply and blend Tri-bal Soul Baked Blush n.03 - Wild Mauve - with the Modern Tribe Face Brush. Create points of light on the forehead, nose, chin and the area above the cheekbones with Sahara Glow Highlighter, using the same brush.


Blend Eye Base Primer onto the eyelids with the Eyes n. 203 brush. Outline the eyes with the Graphic Ritual Kajal & Eyeliner n. 06 - Percussion Steel - making the line increasingly thicker along the lower lash line. Apply the eyeliner also inside the lower lash line. From the inner corner of your eye to the middle of the eyelid, apply the Graphic Ritual Kajal & Eyeliner n. 01 - Talisman Gold - and blend lightly outward with the Face n. 108 brush. Create a curving line just above the eyelid crease with Graphic Ritual Kajal & Eyeliner n. 06 - Percussion Steel. Do not blend it. Complete the eye make-up with Dawn Till Dusk Volume Effect Mascara.


Apply Lip Base Primer on the lips. Outline the lips with the Invisible Lip Liner. Apply Free Spirit Lips & Cheeks n.05 - Unique Camellia - and blend with the Lips n. 300 brush.