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• Prepare your face for make-up by applying the Pearly Radiance Moisturizing Gel and then the 2-in-1 Rosy Glow Potion to cleansed skin.
• Choose the shade of the 24h Immortal No Transfer Foundation that best suits your skin tone to even out the complexion. 
• Camouflage imperfections by dabbing on and thoroughly blending out the shade of Skin Tone Concealer that best suits your skin tone.
• Sculpt the face by applying and blending the Dreams Come True Face Palette bronzer with the brush from the Kabuki Brush collection, which is designed for power products.
• Apply and blend the Long Wear Hydra Blush 03 to emphasise the centre of your cheekbones, then use the Divine Glow Highlighter 01 on the upper parts.



• First of all apply the Neutral Eye Base on your eyelids.
• Apply and blend the lightest eyeshadow from the Ethereal Eyeshadow Palette 02 onto the upper eyelid.
• Apply the plum eyeshadow from the Ethereal Eyeshadow Palette 02. Then blend the eyeshadow upwards as far as the crease of the eyelid and under the eye, along the lower lash line. Apply the rose gold eyeshadow in the centre of the eyelid from the same palette.
• Finally, apply the Metal Fantasy Eyeshadow 01 the inner corner of the eye.
• Apply the Miracle Volume Lash Mascara to beautifully enhance your lashes.



• Apply the Enchanting Lipstick 04 lipstick.