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Do KIKO MILANO products have an expiry date?

European Community Directives establish that if the stability of a cosmetic product exceeds 30 months, it is not mandatory to display an expiry date: this is the case for all KIKO MILANO products.

It is however necessary to indicate the PAO (Period After Opening), i.e. the duration - expressed in months - of the product following its opening. This indication is displayed on all our products, with the exception of single-use and pressurized products, as required by law.

The PAO (Period After Opening) is indicated with the same symbol in all European Union countries: an open jar displaying the useful lifespan in months - in figures and followed by the letter M - of the product after opening. The symbol is displayed on both the main container (in direct contact with the cosmetic) and, where present, on the second container (outer packaging).

Single-use products, products packaged so as to not come into contact with the external environment (such as sprays), and products with formulas boasting long-lasting properties without risk of deterioration over time, are exempt from the PAO indication.

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