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Travel Brush Set

Travel case with 5 professional brushes

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Travel Brush Set

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    Travel case with the exclusive KIKO design featuring 5 professional accessories: one mono brush and 4 duo brushes for a total of 9 different applicators for face, eye and lip make up.

    A practical and compact set, perfect for carrying in your handbag, for complete and flawless make up wherever you go.

    Made of high-quality, resistant and washable fabric, Travel Brush Set allows you to organize your own make up accessories in a neat and functional manner.



    Face 500: synthetic-bristle travel face brush, ideal for blending bronzer and blush.

    Its round, slightly flat and flared shape allows you to sculpt your features in a precise and targeted manner.

    The soft, flexible bristles allow you to pick up the desired amount of powder and blend it accurately, without product waste.


    Face 501 duo:double-ended travel face brush, designed for the application of concealers and cream products.

    The side with synthetic bristles - with a special flat, rounded shape - is ideal for picking up and blending cream textures evenly and precisely, even in the areas that are hardest to reach.

    The end with the sponge applicator allows you to apply concealer accurately and to adjust its coverage depending on the application method.


    Eyes & Lips 502 duo: travel eye and lip brush. Two tips with synthetic bristles, ideal for outlining contours and redefining features.

    On one side the brush with the flared shape allows you to apply cream eyeliner and blend eyeshadows and pencils along the eye contour.

    On the other, the lip brush - thanks to the pointed shape and to the soft and flexible bristles - helps to accurately blend the pencil lines and apply lipgloss and lipstick evenly.


    Eyes 503 duo: travel eye brush. Two synthetic-bristle tips, perfect for applying and blending loose powder, compact or cream eyeshadows.

    The flare-tip brush, thanks to the width of the tip and the full bristles, allows you to pick up and blend powder eyeshadows with a few simple strokes.

    The side with the rounded ergonomic tip, with extremely soft bristles is suitable for blending eyeshadows specifically along the eye contour.


    Eyes 504 duo: double-ended travel eye brush, ideal for applying and blending loose, compact or cream eyeshadows.

    The synthetic-bristle brush is designed for applying all types of eyeshadows. Its flat, wide and compact tip allows you to take up and blend different textures in various areas: on the lower eyelid, under the eyebrow arch and along the eye contour.

    The sponge applicator is ideal for picking up and applying eyeshadow in a controlled manner, without giving up convenience. It is very useful for creating fast and intense make up applications or for blending pencil lines.

    Made in China

    A full make up session, done easily and professionally in every situation: while traveling, at the gym, at work.

    Face 500: perfect for contouring techniques, allows you to professionally apply bronzer and blush

    To sculpt the face, blend bronzer on the temples, along the hairline, under the cheekbones and on the sides of the nose.

    To apply the blush, blend from the outer part of the face inwards, following the cheekbone - but without reaching the sides of the nose - with gentle circular motions.


    Face 501 duo: ideal for applying cream concealers and textures in two different ways.

    Use the brush side for precise and detailed application of the concealer, for example, in the indentation of the eye or on small skin flaws.

    Choose the sponge side to apply the concealer on broader areas, gently blending for an even, natural effect, or dabbing the sides for a better coverage result.


    Eyes & Lips 502 duo: perfect for precision eye and lip make up.

    Use the side with the flared tip to outline the eye contour with cream eyeliner or dark eyeshadows, to soften a pencil line or even to play with elegant overlapping effects using pencil and eyeshadow.
    Great for tracing the outline of the eyebrows and for flawless lines every time.

    Use the pointed brush either to blend the lip pencils - thus reshaping the contours of the mouth - or to work the textures of lipstick and lipgloss, even in the most hard-to-reach corners.


    Eyes 503 duo: designed to apply different types of eyeshadow and create flawless blending.

    Use the special shape of the brush with the wide flare tip to follow the shape of the eye and thus create “half-moon” blends along the mobile eyelid. Apply a small amount of eyeshadow, starting from the outer corner of the eye, to further emphasize it, and then blend inwards.

    Use the rounded tip to create delicate blends along the eye contour and in the indentation between the upper and lower eyelids. Use also to soften pencil lines.


    Eyes 504 duo: very versatile, it is designed for fast and practical application of different eyeshadow textures.

    Tight and compact, the brush side is able to pick up a greater amount of eyeshadow. Use this tip to apply powders on the mobile eyelid and get sheer to bold effects, to blend pencil lines and create soft points of light.

    The blending applicator is ideal for obtaining defined and intense make up in a few quick strokes. Use one side to apply the darkest shades and the other for lighter eyeshadow colours. Wet, it is ideal for applying eyeshadows with double, wet and dry, use.


    We recommend cleaning the brush with KIKO's Brush Cleanser, and leaving it to dry in a horizontal position for about an hour.


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  1. 21/01/2017

    francesca pia


    acquistato la scorsa estate, prima di andare in vacanza....che dire?! è molto pratico, occupa pochissimo spazio, setole morbide e resistenti. unica pecca: la custodia in tessuto dopo un po' tende a rovinarsi.
  2. 21/01/2017



    Bello, comodo e utilissimo per chi è sempre in viaggio !!!!!!!!! Da comprare assolutamente
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