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New Glitter & Pastel Nail Lacquer

Original, stylish shades. The nails dazzle with a metallic luster.

KIKO MILANO presents Metal Nail Lacquers, two limited-edition nail lacquers with amazing metallic effects.

Close your eyes and open them again in front of a mirror. This is the chrome manicure achieved with Pastel Metal Nail Lacquer, the brand-new product with a metallic pastel finish available in six delicate shades. The final result is mirror-like, metallic pastel nails that steal the show.

And for those who prefer sparkly diamonds? Introducing Glitter Metal Nail Lacquer, the richly pigmented nail lacquer with a high concentration of glitter, available in six irresistible colours. The manicure is extra-shiny with a chic and intriguing allure.

With the Metal Nail Lacquers, the hands shine, adorned with a trendy, bright look

  • 01 Rosy Sand
    Nail lacquer with microcrystals for a glittery finish
    01 Rosy Sand

    $ 4.90 $ 7.00 - 30 %

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    Available in 6 colours
  • 01 Rosy Gold
    Nail lacquer with luminous micropearls for a metallic finish
    01 Rosy Gold

    $ 4.90 $ 7.00 - 30 %

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    Available in 6 colours

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