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Skin Trainer

Revitalize and moisturizes

Hydration, softness with the best-selling skin treatment.

KIKO is celebrating the success of the Skin Trainer line with a new revolutionary product to use in combination with the serum: Skin Trainer Cream, face cream that stimulates continuous hydration* and trains the skin to keep in shape at all ages. After application the skin appears more energized, softer and more moisturized.

In addition to this new product, KIKO is developing the formulas and renewing the packaging design, which now further emphasizes the bond of Skin Trainer with the innovation and uniqueness of the compositions.
With Skin Trainer, the skin has an increasingly complete training program to respond to different needs and stay vital and moisturized over time.

* Results of clinical and instrumental tests conducted on 20 women who used Skin Trainer Cream twice a day for 28 days

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