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Smart Fusion Lips

Glamorous shades and a host of lip looks in modern, compact and practical packaging.
KIKO MILANO presents two new products for creating perfectly dazzling lips.
The smile radiates, thanks to a coating of Smart Fusion Lipstick, the rich, nourishing lipstick with a bright finish, available in 36 amazing colours.
Meanwhile, the lip contour is precisely defined with the Smart Fusion Lip Pencil, available in 36 intense colours. A sensuous pout for a sophisticated, striking look.
All day and every day, choose a SMART solution for your smile.

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    401 Cachemire Beige
    Rouge à lèvres riche et nourrissant au fini lumineux.
    401 Cachemire Beige

    EUR 3,95

    Ajouter au panier
    Disponible en 35 couleurs
  • 4 commentaires
    501 Cachemire Beige
    Crayon à lèvres au trait ultra précis
    501 Cachemire Beige

    EUR 2,50

    Ajouter au panier
    Disponible en 36 couleurs


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