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Mini Divas

Mini Divas

Mini Divas is the fourth chapter of a story with colour and creativity at its very core.

In collaboration with Vogue, KIKO has entrusted Benedetta Bruzziches, an emerging talent and owner of the Benedetta Bruzziches accessory brand, with the collection.

Mini Divas pays modern-day homage to the glamour of the stars of the 1950s: makeup products and accessories designed for a sophisticated and magnetic look...


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Neon effect make-up with pop colours. A fun, high-performance make-up. Energy, dynamism and irony.

Introducing Active Fluo, the third KIKO MILANO capsule collection, created by fashion designer Arthur Arbesser. The designer has created a unique collection that combines bold graphic motifs, patterns and colours with clean, minimalist shapes.


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Earth and fire. A romantic, passionate style. The allure of a radiant, beguiling beauty.

KIKO MILANO is proud to present Summer2.0, the limited-edition collection inspired by summer’s colours and warmth.

The complexion is kissed by the sun. A seemingly natural tan provides the perfect backdrop for an intense, radiant gaze. The lips are full and sensual, enhanced by elegant matte nuances or embellished with the collection’s sparkling top coat.


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New colors for lips

Intense. Never ordinary. Inspired by the coolest trends. Introducing the new shades designed to enhance the colour range of four of the most popular KIKO lip products.

Smart Brushes

Easy to use. High quality. Compact size. Perfect for touch-ups on the go. New Smart Brushes from KIKO MILANO are here: 10 essential brushes for a complete makeup look.

Liquid skin second skin foundation - new shades

KIKO MILANO has revisited the Liquid Skin Second Skin Foundation liquid foundation colour palette with 10 new shades. Discover the shades online and in store.

Lip Care

Smart Colour Mascara


Bright Quartet Palette

Sophisticated, complete eye make-up.

Smart Contouring Palette

Bronzer and highlighter palette.

BB Cream SPF 30

Multi-function tinted cream.

Less is Better

Make up no make up collection.

Tropic Heat

Fun. Playful. Colourful. The make-up look is vivacious and intense...

Smart Blush and Bronzer Palette

Sculpted face, flawless complexion.