Rebel Romantic

A classic beauty, framed by thick red hair. Romantic settings. Shadows and light dance around a woman of captivating contradictions: she is feminine and, at the same time, courageous and rebellious. She is the muse for Rebel Romantic, the new collection by KIKO MILANO.

Light livens up the make-up. The face is sculpted by a delicate balance of dark and light. A veil of colour with a metallic touch creates beguiling and expressive eyes. The eyes are outlined by an eye pencil with a matte finish. The lips stand out, coated in radiant colours.

Reinforcements have arrived for your skin. Effective treatments enhance the skin's radiance, helping to reduce bags, dark circles and signs of aging around the eyes.

The elegant package features fan-shaped designs that recall the art nouveau style. The colours reflect the collection's double soul: the warm pink bronze tones contrast with the gun-metal gray nuances.