New nail accessories

Your dazzling hands are in the spotlight. Accentuate their beauty with the new KIKO MILANO accessories for a professional-looking, smudge-free manicure.

The nails are shaped, buffed and perfectly polished, thanks to the Ergonomic Buffer 3 in 1 with three surfaces of different levels of coarseness that are used in order. And for the cuticles? The Nail and Cuticle Stone is a ceramic file that pushes the cuticles back without causing damage or injuries.

But there's more. For those who want stunning nails even when traveling, there's Nail File 09 Travel, the practical 180/240-grit nail file that's easy to use anytime and anywhere. Lastly, for a professional-looking manicure, KIKO presents Manicure Helper, the new guide that helps you apply nail polish without smudging.

Your neat, flawless hands will always stand out.