Cosmic Starlets

Seduction. Romanticism Freedom. Innocence.

KIKO MILANO presents Cosmic Starlets, a new collection inspired by four different types of women, free to express their own femininity in unique, unexpected ways: The Temptress, The Romantic, The Free Spirit e The Innocent. Four different, splendid, immediately recognizable beauties, proud to express their own character and expert at enhancing their own unique qualities according to their moods and desires.

The make-up collection is filled with a variety of professional products in the “Cosmic Starlets” style. A play of carefully balanced darks and lights sculpt the volumes of the face. Must-have products in intense shades, including eyeliner, kajal and mascara, reveal the full power of attraction of the eyes. The lips are full and enhanced with brilliant hues. THe nails take center stage, with super glossy nail polish shades.

Skincare has found new allies in products that enhance and moisturize the skin, perfuming the body with fresh new fragrances The five senses are stimulated in four new Eau de Toilette that emphasize femininity in all of its forms.

Finally, to give as a gift or as a treat to oneself, elegant sets packed with make-up or skincare treatments, in the collection’s exclusive colours and wrapped up in special boxes inspired by the constellations.