Candy Nails

Trails of crystals. A handful of candy canes. And plenty of candy sprinkles in a river of smoothies.

Close your eyes and imagine a fairy tale about Candy Nails, the new KIKO MILANO collection inspired by confectionery decorations. This limited-edition collection features four nail lacquers in 16 irresistible colours:

- Frozen Smoothies Nail Lacquer with particles for a "smoothie" look;

- Candy Sprinkles Nail Lacquer with matte microgranules for a scrumptious finish;

- Sugar Sparkles Nail Lacquer with microcrystals for a glittery finish;

- Candy Canes Nail Lacquer with multicoloured micro- and macroparticles for a 3-D finish.

The nails are cheery and fun and will become even more unique when the lacquers are mixed and matched. Combine and layer several coats of nail lacquer with different decorations and effects. The manicure is reinvented in a joyful, creative and beautiful fairy tale. The dream begins when you open the door leading into this world of sweet, pastel-coloured emotions.



Let your imagination run wild, using a mix-and-match nail art technique. Combine several nail lacquers with different effects, decorations and colours.

To create a mix-and-match look, apply a KIKO base coat to protect the nails and a coat of Frozen Smoothies nail lacquer. Then apply one or more of the line's nail lacquers: Candy Canes, Candy Sprinkles or Sugar Sparkles.