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Self Tanning Spray - Dark

Rapid effect self tanning body spray. Intense suntan result

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    Self tanning body spray. Intense suntan.


    Thanks to the formula with cutting-edge DHA and a complex of innovative active ingredients with a moisturizing, emollient action, Self Tanning Spray Dark gives a natural suntan without sun exposure. Intense effect, ideal for dark skin.


    Self Tanning Spray Dark is practical, quick and very easy to apply. The spray format allows for a wide product coverage. Even though the product does not come into contact with the hands, those who are not familiar with self tanning products can choose to wear the Self Tanning Applicator mitt. As a consequence, the result will be more even.


    The spraying action of the product leaves a pleasant sensation of freshness on the skin as well as a lovely, delicate fragrance.


    Clinically tested.

    Hypoallergenic = formulated to ensure minimum instance of allergic reactions.


    Paraben free.


    Intense, even suntan without sun exposure.


    The colour result is visible after just 1 hour after application, and the maximum result is visible after approximately 3 hours.


    The time the colour takes to develop varies depending on skin type. The colour achieved is temporary and lasts for approximately 1 week.


    1. In the days before application, carry out a scrub using the Pre-self Tan Scrub or Body scrub wipes to prepare the skin, making it smooth and even.

    2. Thoroughly moisturize skin in the days before application.

    3. During application, pay special attention to the areas where skin is thicker such as knees, heels, elbows and ankles. To avoid an end result that is darker than the rest of the body, apply a small amount of product to these areas.

    4. Rinse hands thoroughly in case of product contact. Wait until the self tanning product is completely absorbed before getting dressed.

    5. Follow the usual Beauty Routine in the days following application with specific moisturizing products for the body.

    If you are not very familiar with the product, wear the Self Tanning Applicator mitt to prevent unpleasant blotches on the hands.


    Apply in the evening for a golden, radiant complexion the following day.


    In the case of an incorrect application, any blotches can be reduced with the targeted use of a body scrub on the ""blotchy"" area. The PRE-SELF TAN SCRUB wipes are recommended as they allow a localized, precise use. Any blotches that appear a few hours after application will only completely disappear a few days later.


    If the desired result has not been achieved, wait 24 hours from the first application before reapplying the self tanning product.


    Self Tanning Spray Dark does not protect against UVA/UVB rays. In the case of sun exposure, use a sun protection product with the most suitable SPF depending on phototype and the place and time of exposure.


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